100th post
February 25, 2016

100th post

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100th coffee

So there we go, I pooped out about 100 posts, time to revisit what I made. For the first time an article with “real” words and content and stuff. O boy.

**Why a blog ?
** I don’t have an about page, so here goes. I mainly blog to give back to the open-source community I (ab)use daily. As ad-hoc sysadmin, wanne-be hacker, wanne-be scientist, wanne-be bioinformatic, … not-yet-jack-of-all-trades (?) I rely heavily on the interwebz in my job and hobby. So how can I only take information and never give back ? I can’t, but not being a specialist in anything particular, I’m limited to what I can share.

A colleague asked me, “if you find an open question on StackOverflow, do you answer ?” I said yes, but the truth is, I never answered a question before. Since then I tried to pitch in, but SO is a hostile place, before you know you get down-voted cause your answer is not what the voters like … not very rewarding.

I read allot of blogs and there is so much _crap _out there… But its the same crap that makes people search further, everyone has a right to a own opinion. Even if you wanne sell tclhttpd vs node.js and call PHP a horrible language on a WordPress powered blog (I’m not to big on TCL). While I totally disagree, making a counter argument forces readers to think about the way they use a system, and realize, this guy thinks out of the box! He is freaking wrong, but its up to the reader to prove it.

So I’m joining this community of bloggers, writing there way of working, thinking and hacking across the web and all while some might disagree with the hacky-wacky ways, some might just be like me searching for a solution. In that hacky-wacky way, I am comfortable to pitch in.

I just met you and this is crazy, I’m not kidding I have 100 posts. So go crazy

I initially started this blog cause my own-wiki-PHP script lacked a search function and I was of the opinion, that enough people are working on a new wheel, I shouldn’t be one of them. So I launched a blog and every fix I had to repeat, I share here. Good things happen to good people, so I’m counting my blessing the servers will be good to me. (and fail one by one, and not decide to make a group effort)

In a way blogging is talking to yourself, so no matter how many people read your blog, when you are writing it, you are just a weirdo. So, I try to amuse myself while writing, don’t expect much sane talk here. Not now, not in the future! 🙂

** I love nice graphs, so while I don’t illusionate myself (its not a word) It seems bots love my blog, since the start of the blog only more and more bots have followed me.  As the following chart clearly indicate, I’m clearly on my way to finding more bot-nets then the Belgium government by the end of this year.



With that being said, up to the next 100 crappy posts !  Thanks for reading the blog, weirdos !


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