200th post
August 8, 2017

200th post

Posted on August 8, 2017  •  1 minutes  • 157 words  •  Suggest Changes

Yeaaaj, 100 more badly written articles and barely working guides ! Well seems I enjoyed making them and somehow something likes to read them. Some statistics to show off !

Like last time, users/bots seem to drop off during the weekend, compared to last time the effect is even easier to see. I assume part of the traffic comes from people searching for help during work hours. Long live weekends.

Overall traffic has been increasing, not really sure why there was a drop last month, neither do I really care. Obv. the last point is still new (since its only 8 days in the month)

I was not aware but clearly Thursdays are my blog day. Last time, Friday (2) and Wednesday (3) where close follow-ups. Tuesday who came up as second to last, is now my 4th most active day, and Saturday keeps being the last on the row.

On to the next 100 articles 🙂


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