Allow copy/paste in Bash for Windows 10
June 24, 2016

Allow copy/paste in Bash for Windows 10

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I have finally got to using bash (Ubuntu) for windows 10. I really like it, I like the possibility to run ALL the games I want and still be able to be productive. (ssh from bash, yeeey!) So I started off with moving some repo’s (git/svn/darcs) that worked great, but I noticed I could not copy-paste. I googled it (its a verb) and found this is pretty much default behavior for windows consoles, cause you know, windows consoles…

Anyway the workaround I found for Git for Windows also works for bash (Ubuntu) on Windows 10.  Since my computer is running in dutch (its really annoying) the screens are also in dutch, but its pretty self explaining.

  1. right click on the top bar -> select properties
  2.  select “Quick edit mode”,  now you can use the paste using right mouse …

Happy pasting! Under what category should I post this … Windows, Linux, Bash, … ooo Microsoft.


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