April 21, 2022

ACL on TrueNAS

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ACL is not something I’m really familiar with, so these are just raw notes on how I deal with it in TrueNAS. Some more context might follow 😆

check permissions with


set them (chmod/chown) : (the order seems to be important)

setfacl -m [email protected]:rwxpdDaARWcs:fd:allow support
setfacl -m [email protected]:dD::deny support

syntax :

setfacl -m level:permissions:inhertance:allow|deny dir/file

levels :

Permission letters :

         r      read_data
         w      write_data
         x      execute
         p      append_data
         d      delete_child
         D      delete
         a      read_attributes
         A      write_attributes
         R      read_xattr
         W      write_xattr
         c      read_acl
         C      write_acl
         o      write_owner
         S      synchronize

sources :

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