Bye OpenVZ, Hey LXC
January 27, 2016

Bye OpenVZ, Hey LXC

Posted on January 27, 2016  •  1 minutes  • 102 words  •  Suggest Changes


I recently switched 2/4 Proxmox nodes to the latest build (V4). On those OpenVZ has made place for LXC. The reason why, I am not sure ‘bout. I believe it was something with kernel modules and licensing, anyway it changed. Also all the commands have changed, not really good for a efficiency, now we have both systems in place, it will take some time to swap. Anyways this definite helps :


add in ~/.bashrc

alias vzctl='echo "use lxc-ls, lxc-info -n ID"'
alias vzlist='lxc-ls;echo "use lxc-ls; lxc-info -n ID"'

try it out :

source ~/.bashrc
vzctl start 123

Jeeej bash hacks ftw!


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