difference between two directories
October 7, 2015

difference between two directories

Posted on October 7, 2015  •  1 minutes  • 110 words  •  Suggest Changes

I’m a bit a fan of observium, sadly they switched from “open-source” to a fremium model. The Community version is free, but only gets two updates a year. Its also not visible when a new version is out and the download is “latest” not version/revision …. So you end up gambling when there is an update.  Even within the structure there is no clear version given.

So the only way to know if its a new version is to compare the two directories but guess what, its as easy as :

diff -rq /path/to/observium /path/to/observium_new?

Good little tool. By the way it seems I was up-to-date ! (no new eye-candy)


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