Fix Nginx 413 : Request Entity Too Large
August 7, 2017

Fix Nginx 413 : Request Entity Too Large

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It’s not the first time I received this error. It is the error you receive when the file (or large input in general) you tried to upload is too large and the server is declining it. Here is how you can fix it :

Open your server {} specific config file for nginx :

nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/svennd.conf

and add, 10M is ~10MB.

client_max_body_size        10M;

Note that PHP also has an upload limit (see the docs).

Reload Nginx to activate :

service nginx reload


systemctl reload nginx

note that clent_max_body_size can be in both http and server context, I prefer server as it is more specific.

Alternative error :

client intended to send too large body



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