Forum looking beyond phpBB
June 8, 2016

Forum looking beyond phpBB

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I have been a phpBB fan since phpBB 2, they are the standard for me, when it comes to forum software.  However the phpBB 3 package is complex to work with, it has way too many buttons, the permission system is crazy deep and while phpBB 2 was a fun target for modding, the modding community did not take up phpBB 3 that good IMHO. With the release of phpBB 3.1 they took a different direction, they included a framework, Symfony -now this is personal- but I’m not a huge fan of Symfony either, I’m more of a CodeIgniter guy, though luck. Today I’m searching for alternatives to phpBB, while I am not sure I will find my next forum software package, one thing is certain, its goodbye to phpBB and its not-always-so-friendly community.


I don’t think its essential to be free or/and open-source, but its an advantage (one can test before having to commit) . I however require the software runs in a Linux environment so no windows-only tools. (PHP/MySQL is not a requirement, but its the easiest for me, and one of the most used languages) I did sorted this list, by how-much I like them after trying to install and playing with the demo. (allot of forums are missing, feel free to join in!)










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