HTTP/2 for everyone
February 1, 2016

HTTP/2 for everyone

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After reading the slides of on http/2 I feel more interesses in the topic of http/2. While the presentation is aimed at PHP developers, I think most Linux users/sysadmins can pick something up of the presentation. I’m a bit ashamed I did not already knew about this, but hey, we learn everyday. Http/2 seems to be an enhancement of http/1.1 and certainly an upgrade on http/1. While i am clearly no expert on the topic, it goes like this :

Be sure to check out’s his slides those are really a good explanation :

Slides: HTTP/2 for PHP developers

All (?) browsers supporting http/2 also require https, but we know where to find that : lets encrypt. Although short, might be a good read for http/2 on wikipedia, here.


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