LibreNMS, the open source fork of observium
November 19, 2015

LibreNMS, the open source fork of observium

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A great find today, I’d like to share : LibreNMS ! Its a **really **open source fork of observium. I was a fan of observium, but I dislike the fact that they took “our” kickstarter money and just force you to pay for the latest codebase. The “community” version is just updated twice a year. Clearly SNMP is a bit of a black box and every vendor changes stuff when they feel like it, (I hear it has something to do with the moon/sun-cycle)  so its needed to update regularly, allot of functions are not available in community edition.

I don’t mind these guys making money, I just don’t find it useful to pay for a license for something that is only considered ‘good practice’ where I work. (I only maintain ~20 server and downtime is not something we get killed for, just beaten up a bit)

Comes to save my day : LibreNMS.

I really wanted to add a few lines of code to observium, but since it was closed source, could not do that, as such I wanted to build a own simple system. Good thing some heroes are out there that saved me the extra headache!

Happy network monitoring!


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