August 2, 2015

Difference between phpBB 3.1 S_REGISTERED_USER and S_USER_LOGGED_IN

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While working on a phpBB forum, I found this weird template var, (at first look) namely : <!– IF S_REGISTERED_USER –> while there was just a bit higher <!– IF S_USER_LOGGED_IN –> while it does seem a bit weird its in fact a simple check for bots, S_REGISTERED_USER will only be validated when a user is not a bot. As such the following example does make sense.

You are logged in. #user #bot #3th_option
    Since you are registered as a user, you are most likely a human, or a spambot who got through.
    <!-- ELSE -->
    Since you are logged, and are not a registered user, I believe you must be a known BOT;
        <!-- IF S_IS_BOT -->
         Now i'm 100% sure your a bot.
        <!-- ENDIF -->
    <!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- ELSE -->
You are definitely not logged in, so you are probably a user or a bot I don't know.
<!-- ENDIF -->

Useful summary : phpBBModders : If Statements. (down… for good ?)


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