November 10, 2016

screen in lxc-attach || Must be connected to a terminal.

Posted on November 10, 2016  •  1 minutes  • 126 words  •  Suggest Changes

I tried to create a screen session on a Proxmox/lxc container, but got greeted with :

# screen -S rsync_archive_docs
Cannot access '/dev/pts/3': No such file or directory

What exactly is happening I’m not sure, but it looks like I already have some sort of session since I logged on, over the host (lxc-attach -n $ID) so either log in over a new ssh session directly to the server or, if you are playing with NAT like me, you can just run :

script /dev/null

And that creates a fresh console and screen works again, jeeej for screen !

// update 14/02/2017

A new error now occurs :

# screen -S test
Must be connected to a terminal.

This also can be fixed by script /dev/null


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