vzquota : (error) quota file is corrupted, Proxmox 3.4
August 10, 2018

vzquota : (error) quota file is corrupted, Proxmox 3.4

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Oh noes, while starting a container, it failed cause of a corrupt quota file…

Starting container ...
vzquota : (error) quota file is corrupted
vzquota on failed [4]
TASK ERROR: command 'vzctl start 114' failed: exit code 60

The fix is to remove it and rebuild it (this takes a long time, depending on the size of the container)

# this failed
vzquota off 114

# delete the quota
quota drop 114

We can rebuild the quota using vzquota but that is done automatically if you restart the container :

# vzctl start 114
Starting container ...
Initializing quota ...

The vzquota currently running is : (for reference)

/usr/sbin/vzquota init 114 -b 8388608100 -B 9227468900 -i 1600000100 -I 1760000100 -p /data/private/114 -e 0 -n 0 -s 0

Sit back and relax, cause this will take time.


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