January 22, 2016

Warning, had trouble writing out superblocks; proxmox v4.1

Posted on January 22, 2016  •  1 minutes  • 139 words  •  Suggest Changes

A small “bugfix” on proxmox 4.1 with ZFS below it, on a clean install, proxmox will fail to make a lxc (linux container). One has to create a zfs storage before containers can be made … The error during creation:

Warning, had trouble writing out superblocks.TASK ERROR: command 'mkfs.ext4 -O mmp -E 'root_owner=0:0' /var/lib/vz/images/100-disk-1.raw' failed: exit code 144

The solution :
Datacenter -> Add ZFS

Then during the lxc creation select lxc_storage (this is the id you gave)

// update 7/04/2017


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