June 8, 2018

Windows : irremovable folder, no longer located in D drive

Posted on June 8, 2018  •  1 minutes  • 125 words  •  Suggest Changes

I could not remove this folder in _Windows. _It gave an error that is was not there anymore … uh-oh … corruption ? I checked the disk using the windows utility but the disk seemed fine (raid was a-OK).

To my surprise the only solution was to go to the windows console / command prompt and remove the directory directly from there. So Windows is becoming more like Linux, I like it !

The command to be used is rd :

rd /S \\?\D:\arch_micro_data\svennd\data\2015

rd stands for remove directory, the /S is the flag for recursively remove the tree.

After running this command, and accepting the removal, bloop, directory was gone.

What the \? means I have not found, but the solution came from spiceworks.


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